We proudly present the latest addition to our distribution portfolio. 

Musguard is a fender manufacturerer and they came up with an awesome solution for portable fenders: Minimalistic, easy-to-use, durable, perfectly fitting most bikes (especially fixed) and last not least: rollable. 

These fenders will basically market themselves, because they are designed in such clever way, the users will spread the story: Successfull Kickstarter Campaign in June 2013, product launch a month later, the rest is gonna be history. 

Soon the portable Musguard fenders will be all over the place. And you are among the very first stores who can offer them to their customers. 

No more details here, just check out their website, these guys are doing a pretty good job showing off the benefits. 


Here’s the deal for the launch in Germany: Buy 10 pairs and get one rear part for free. It’s a pre-order, by the way. So the early bird gets the worm.

Any questions? We’re looking forward, give us a call.

Your #ONEGEAR Team

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