Guess what, people! We’re adding yet another crazy awesome product to our constantly growing portfolio.

ZULU is a manufacturer for just one thing: pedal straps for fixies. And as you can imagine they really thought things through.

A picture says more than a 1000 words. So consider the pictures attached worth 9.000 words telling you one thing: Zulu straps are awesome! Just scroll down for our first selection of ZULU straps.

Any questions? We’re looking forward, give us a call.

And by the way, we have the last unicorns in stock: there’s only a minimum quanity of pink pedal straps left. So order now or rest in peace.

Stay tuned,

Your #ONEGEAR Team

• High quality polypropylene fibers
• Unique velcro
• CNC machined ALU6061 ring
• Leather patch label
• 3D packaging
• 140g

34,95 €