ZULU is a manufacturer for just one thing: pedal straps for fixies.
And as you can imagine they really thought things through.

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Super rigid shape. There is one big issue with most pedal straps: You can‘t squeeze your shoes in fast enough. We applied some fresh ideas to solve this problem once and for all. Our new super rigid bottom part of the strap springs to the top to stay wide open and lets your shoes get in smoothly. This helps pros to save valuable seconds at races and at the same time beginners have less trouble getting into riding fixed.
Anatomical angle ensures the best possible grip but at the same time the softest feel to skid hard with comfort.
Wide and quick adjustment to fit any shoe size.
CNC machined ALU6061 ring which withstands any impact yet is lightweight and stylish.
“No friction with crank”-design.

High quality materials and premium craftsmanship. We are producing straps locally from 90% selected local materials using professional labor. We save you money on shipping with logistics done by bicycle. Bringing high quality to you for a reasonable price.

High quality polypropylene fibers
Unique velcro
CNC machined ALU6061 ring
Leather patch label
3D packaging 140g